Summary of Agenda from August 25, 2020

Updated: Sep 1, 2020

Hello Antioch Residents,

My desire is to highlight and summarize agenda items that will be discussed/approved at the upcoming Council Meetings. Below are some key points but do not cover the entirety of the information, for further detail, please visit the Council Agenda directly for August 25th:

I hope that by providing a snapshot of the information, you will be encouraged to get more involved and provide your own feedback at the Council Meeting. It is much needed, especially during these times of uncertainty. We all need one another, to work together for the future of our City. Thank you!

2020/2021 BUDGET STUDY SESSION: For this upcoming fiscal year, with current budgeted items as is, the budget is balanced but only with the help of the stabilization fund. This is a temporary solution and as the staff report states: “City Council needs to carefully chart our financial path forward to ensure we maintain adequate reserves as spending decisions are evaluated. We have not seen the worst of things to come as we still do not know the impact the CalPERS investment losses will have on City contributions yet.”

Budget projections show the City going into a deficit by 2022/2023 and will no longer be able to utilize the stabilization fund to balance the budget.

ADMINISTRATION OF THE SMALL BUSINESS GRANT PROGRAM: The funding source of $300,000 is from the City’s Federal CARES Act disbursement and is an authorized reimbursable expenditure that can be used to assist businesses impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic through grants. If the funding from the CARES Act does not materialize, the $300,000 will need to be provided from the General Fund. $120,000 has been encumbered from Economic Development’s FY20/21 budget; $75,000 in the programming line item, $45,000 towards the Business License Tax Relief program and the Chamber of Commerce’s administration of the grant program.

The Business License Tax Relief will be allocated as a reduction or as a rebate of $100 on the renewal of an existing Antioch business license tax (after the full cost of the renewal has been paid.) Qualifications must be met in order to receive. This is a onetime relief per business owner.

Small Business Grants will be given to reimburse business interruptions caused by required closures. With the allocated funding, it will allow 60 grants to be provided in the amount of $5,000 to each business that is eligible. The Chamber of Commerce will administer the program and it will be made available to any eligible Antioch business regardless of their status with the Chamber. *If the number of applicants exceeds the available funding, a lottery will be conducted.


Funding for this position will be funded by funds set aside by the City Council in the FY2019/2020 budget and will be carried forward/reallocated to the FY2020/2021 budget. This is a part time position at a rate of $50-$60/hr and is not to exceed $100,000.

Summary of description: Under general supervision of the City Manager or designee, assist the City in the development and implementation of core strategies to prevent and respond to homelessness within Antioch. Initiate and cultivate collaborative partnerships with agencies and groups that work with or provide services/support to people who are unhoused in the City, with a focus on improving coordination of available services and increasing resource capacity. Advocate for housing services to the community at large.

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