Council Agenda Update 9/22/20

Two items I would like bring to your attention in regards to tonight's agenda for the Council Meeting at 7:00 p.m.:

ITEM #2: Consolidated Annual Performance Evaluation Report (CAPER); and Review of Priority Needs and Strategies for the 21-22 Action Plan

Review of five-year 2015-2020 Consolidated Plan. Over the plan period, the City contracted to serve 25,962 Antioch residents, and served 30,920 people, achieving 119% of goal. The City expended $5,421,966.53 in CDBG and Housing Successor funding to provide services to lower income households, and in lower income areas of the City. Detail of funded programs, achievements against goal, and funds received and expended is presented in Attachment A.

NOTE: The City of Antioch is a Municipality and is a not for profit agency --- the funds that are received are for the operations/maintenance of the City and invested back into our community.

ITEM #4: Approving the operating agreement between the City of Antioch and Three Habitat Consulting Antioch LLC, DBA One Plant.

This will be the 4th cannabis business the City has reviewed and similar to the previous 3 operating agreements, the City will receive a portion of One Plant’s gross revenue, please see below percentages charged:


Retail: 2% (YR 1), 3% (YR2), 4% (YR 3), 5% (YR 4+)

Microbusiness* (eligible for local employment incentive): 2% (YR 1), 3% (YR2), 5% (YR 3), 6% (YR 4+)

Cultivation (per square foot)*(eligible for local employment incentive): 2$ (YR 1), 3$ (YR2), 5$ (YR 3), 6$ (YR 4+)

*The City is issuing a credit as an incentive for the business based upon the number of full time Antioch residents hired, beginning with a minimum of 20 Antioch residents hired.

In addition, the operating agreement includes a social equity program which requires One Plant to fund an Antioch based 501 (c)(3) charity directed towards youth services. One Plant has been directed to fund the youth organization, Beat the Streets, Inc. The funding provided will be 0.25% in year one, 0.37% in year 2, and 0.5% in year 3 and thereafter (with a minimum annual guarantee of $25,000) of gross receipts, paid quarterly.

NOTE: There is a standing cannabis committee in place, where you can review the meeting that took place on 9/4/20 here:

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