City of Antioch Treasurer Duties

Do you know what the role of Treasurer entails, specifically for the City of Antioch?

The current role has been described in our Candidate Briefing Papers in accordance with the governmental code of the State of California – which some duties recorded in the Governmental code do not apply to the City of Antioch.

Reference GOV: 41001 - 41007

Specifically for the City of Antioch as stated in the 2020 Candidate Briefing Papers provided, it states the role and responsibilities of Treasurer are as follows:

• Adopt guidelines for statement of investment policy in compliance with State law

Based on City policy, the Treasurer works with the City’s Financial Advisors and Finance Director to review and submit changes when necessary on a bi-annual basis for City Council to approve.

• Field check custodian

Field Checks are live checks for purchases of anything less than $200.00. The Treasurer keeps a log of all checks signed out and issued, ensuring that all checks are in sequential order and are accounted for.

• Review paid warrants

• Prepare the Treasurer’s report – This is a submission of the past month’s investment accounts and is prepared on a monthly basis for Council approval and review. *Note: The City of Antioch has its bulk of investments managed by PFM as the City’s Financial Advisors. I will go into further detail of the Treasurer’s report at a later date.

• Assigned as the authorized check signer

• Safeguard the City’s finances and investments

As Treasurer, this role has typically been in the background but I believe now is the time for the role of Treasurer to serve in a greater capacity. There are a number of challenges that Antioch faces in the coming years and I want to ensure that as Resident’s, you are being informed and updated as necessary.

I will continue to echo that “The financial health of a City directly impacts the financial health of its residents.” We must work together; we must stay informed and get involved for the future of our City.

If elected as your Treasurer, I want to do all that I can to work with Staff, Council, Investors and you as Residents to be fiscally sustainable.

Thank you,


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