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My name is Lauren Posada and I would like the opportunity to share with you who I am and why I’m running:


I was born in Antioch and raised here for the majority of my life. I had seasons in my life where I didn’t live in Antioch, but I had always thought of Antioch as my “home.” I’ve been a defender of Antioch’s reputation and truly believe that the more we speak life over Antioch, we will start to see change within itself. I know that it will take all of us doing our share to make the potential of our City a reality.


My husband and I purchased our home here this May and we are excited to grow our family here. We’re planted and committed to doing our part as Antioch residents.


I’ve worked in the Financial field for 10 years, beginning with Wells Fargo, Patelco Credit Union and I've been with the City of Antioch Finance Department since 2015. At the City, I’ve learned a wealth of knowledge from City operations to government accounting. I’ve seen first hand the role of Treasurer and it’s been on my heart that the position could be more involved for the benefit of our City.


I believe that the timing of our family moving back to Antioch and the election was no coincidence but an opportunity for me to step out in faith.


I would ask that as you’re reading this, to please follow me on Facebook or Instagram and see for yourself what could be possible if I was your Treasurer. My desire is to keep you updated and engaged, work on your behalf, ask the questions and create dialogue that will assist in decisions Council will be making.


We must work together to see great things accomplished in our City!

“I can do things you cannot, you can do things I cannot; together we can do great things.”

-Mother Teresa


Thank you,


Lauren Posada